Orange Fund (Orange DAO)

Orange DAO is a venture capital investment firm based in the United States. The company focuses on early-stage investments in innovative and disruptive technologies. They provide seed capital and strategic guidance to startups in the blockchain, fintech, and cybersecurity sectors. Orange DAO's mission is to support entrepreneurs in bringing their visions to life and building sustainable businesses. The firm has a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, enabling them to identify high-potential projects and help their portfolio companies succeed. Orange DAO has a strong network of investors and partners, which allows them to connect their portfolio companies with necessary resources for growth.

Orange Fund (Orange DAO)'s People

Partner Patrick J. Costello, Steve Johnston, Alejandro Garcia-Amaya, Gabe Horwitz, Alex Bass, Anh-Tho Chuong Degroote, Evan Lodge, Raymond Wang, Tonjé Bakang Tonje
Investor Patrick Deem
General Partner Orion Willow Parrott, Ben Huh