Venture-funded Companies

BeReal is a tech company that focuses on creating a photo-sharing application that allows users to stay connected with their friends and discover who their real friends are. The application sends a notification to everyone on the list at a random time to capture and share a photo in a fixed time. The app serves as a new way to connect with people and provides users with a unique social experience.
Young Platform is a fintech startup that offers a financial platform for buying and selling digital assets with FIAT money. Their solution provides easy access to cryptocurrencies and allows users to trade them in a hassle-free way. The platform is designed to help both beginners and experienced investors securely and quickly invest in digital assets. The company's mission is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies and make them accessible to everyone. With their innovative approach, Young Platform aims to simplify the investment process and contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency market.
. Solrise Finance is a company that develops and operates a decentralized fund management and investment protocol. Its protocol offers non-custodial asset management services that enable users to create, manage, and invest in portfolios of native and synthetic assets. The company's decentralized approach allows anyone to participate and choose from a variety of funds or create their own investment opportunities. Solrise Finance aims to provide financial equity and democratize investment opportunities through its protocol.
proSapient is a developer of a machine learning research platform. The platform has been designed to conduct primary research around the world. It enables better sourcing and automated call bookings to facilitate the collection of information. Using the platform, companies can avail of quality intelligence and machine learning that are ethically and legally compliant, while reducing their research costs.
Nayms is a smart contract platform that aims to mitigate crypto-related risks. The platform allows investors to underwrite smart contracts that provide cover for decentralized finance risks of the digital asset market. With the Nayms platform, crypto-holders can invest in smart contracts that provide coverage for various crypto-related risks, including hacks, hard forks, and exchange defaults. This innovative solution can help crypto investors to manage their risk exposure effectively, while also providing a new investment opportunity.
MUSINSA is an online e-commerce fashion platform that offers personalized curation and storytelling for each brand including streets, global luxury goods, and designers. The platform also features a fashion web magazine that delivers the latest fashion trends and information to customers. The company aims to maximize the value of each brand on its platform and help brands better understand their customer preferences by enabling them to engage and interact with their audience.
Genemod is a company that has developed a lab workflow platform aimed at improving productivity in research labs. Their platform allows for collaboration between students and faculty in real-time with project management tools, streamlined reporting, and a multi-tiered freezer tool for visualizing laboratory freezers. With their software, Genemod aims to optimize and streamline lab workflows, allowing for greater productivity and collaboration.
Foxintelligence is a market intelligence platform that specializes in collecting and measuring all aspects of every online purchase made by consumers. Their platform is designed to provide e-commerce businesses with customer insights based on current market trends. By accessing users' order confirmation emails through their application with aggregated and anonymized data, Foxintelligence aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the e-commerce market. The company's goal is to help their clients make informed decisions that take into account consumer behavior, preferences, and buying habits.
Nabla is a healthcare platform that utilizes machine learning to identify personalized, actionable trends to help people improve their health. The platform enables users to chat with practitioners, access community content, centralize medical data, and message health professionals. By optimizing interactions with doctors and providing valuable insights, Nabla aims to help users stay healthy and prevent health issues.
Nova Benefits is a health benefits platform that specializes in providing customized health programs for employees. The platform offers a range of services such as health insurance, doctor consultations, claim settlement, mental wellness, physical fitness, and chronic care services to help companies offer suitable health benefits to their employees. Nova Benefits aims to improve the overall health and well-being of employees by providing personalized and comprehensive health services.
Appsumer is a user acquisition intelligence platform for mobile apps that helps businesses keep track of their mobile user acquisition. The platform collects and normalizes data from multiple channels, such as cost, attribution, analytics, and predictive data, and presents it in an easy-to-use tool. The tool allows businesses to automate their user acquisition insights, helping them save time and resources. With Appsumer, businesses can visualize data at a granular level to optimize their user acquisition strategies and boost their mobile growth.
Cusmat is a digital platform provider that focuses on training and development for organizations. Their cloud-based learning management system provides tools for onboarding, assessing, training, upskilling, and planning learning tracks for employees. Using AR/VR technology, the platform aims to maximize retention rates and on-the-job performance by providing quality training to the workforce. The company's mission is to create a learning ecosystem that helps organizations achieve their business goals through continuous employee development.
Ocean Protocol is a developer of a decentralized data exchange protocol that allows data sharing and selling in a safe, secure, and transparent way. The platform guarantees control, transparency, and compliance to all actors involved, and enables developers and curators to create new and innovative data services for leveraging data while protecting data owners.
Inmemori is an online tribute platform that provides a free service for sharing funeral information and receiving condolences, memories, and pictures via email or text. The dedicated page created by the company helps to communicate information related to the funeral of a person and allows users to post a condolence, memory, or photo with the deceased. Inmemori enables users to share memories and pay tribute to their loved ones in an accessible and meaningful way.
Overwolf is an open-source platform that enables third-party developers to create gaming apps using HTML and JavaScript. The platform provides flexible APIs, custom in-game overlays that can be activated by hotkeys, second monitor functionality, and monetization opportunities through ads. With these tools, developers can create apps that benefit gamers and enhance the gaming experience.
BitPay is a technology firm that specializes in developing blockchain-based payment solutions. The company provides a suite of software tools that allow businesses to accept payments in Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies supported by the BitPay platform. Its robust payment infrastructure enables fast and secure transactions, making it a popular option for merchants looking to adopt digital payments. BitPay simplifies the process for merchants to accept payments through its platform, and businesses with e-commerce sites can integrate seamlessly through BitPay's API. Additionally, the platform provides users with the ability to convert Bitcoin into any currency accepted by Visa merchants. BitPay has been at the forefront of the growing trend of crypto adoption and is continually innovating to make payments simpler, faster, and more secure for users.
BitPay is a technology company that develops blockchain payments technology platforms for secure bitcoin payment acceptance, savings, and spending. The firm offers a suite of software tools that make it easy for businesses to accept bitcoin payments and collect payments over a peer-to-peer payment network. The platform also allows bitcoin users to turn their bitcoins into any currency for use with visa merchants. BitPay has a pioneering role in the cryptocurrency industry and is a leading player in providing solutions for payment processing, payment gateways, and other e-commerce solutions. is a software development company that provides a recording software designed to record remote interviews and podcasts in studio quality. The company's software offers various services such as audio, live stream, and video recording, remote podcast recording, downloading of audios and videos, and many more.'s software is particularly advantageous for creators, podcasters, and media companies as they can record and download higher resolution audios and videos, among other services.
Parlor is a software development company that has created a product discovery platform designed to revolutionize the way digital product teams engage with their users. Their platform allows businesses to engage with their customers in a proactive and personalized manner, with both parties having the tools to share ideas, review potential product updates, and validate the impact of future efforts. This de-risks the cost of new feature development, ultimately enabling development teams to build better products and facilitate better collaboration.
Ampleforth is a cryptocurrency developer that has created a digital currency (AMPL) which adjusts its supply daily based on market conditions and demand, aiming to target the CPI-adjusted purchasing power of the 2019 USD. The number of units held in each user's wallet of the volatile currency can increase or decrease proportionally based on market fluctuations. This approach allows customers and investors in the cryptocurrency market to diversify their holdings and potentially mitigate risks associated with market volatility.
"Spenmo" is a payment software developer that aims to ease the administrative burden of payments for fast-growing businesses. The company offers an all-in-one solution that centralizes spend management, corporate cards, bill payments, approval workflows, and accounting reconciliation into a single view. This software enables businesses to digitize their operations, decentralize their funds, and significantly reduce time spent on such processes.
Winc Inc is a wine company that operates with a direct-to-consumer model in the United States. The company owns its own winery license and is responsible for bottling, labeling, and distributing wine. It offers its wines at select retailers and restaurants across the nation. Winc Inc sources grapes from vineyards, works with winemakers, and ships its products, both domestic and international, to a centralized winemaking and bottling facility located on California's Central Coast.
Virool is a social video advertising platform that allows clients to effectively reach their target audience through mobile phones and social networking sites. Its platform is designed to change the advertising experience by delivering brand videos to the right people at the right time. Their technology offers large-scale marketing at a higher reach to a broader audience base.
Ro is a direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that offers an end-to-end service for erectile dysfunction and smoking cessation. The platform allows users to consult with physicians, receive personalized treatment plans, and have medication delivered directly to their doorstep. Ro aims to make healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone.
MIRA BEAUTY™ is an artificial intelligence-based beauty platform that streamlines the process of searching, comparing, and purchasing beauty and makeup products. The platform leverages customer reviews, ingredients, and price comparisons of different beauty products, to help fashion enthusiasts and beauty lovers make informed choices. MIRA BEAUTY™ provides personalized recommendations that cater to the individual needs of its customers. It also simplifies the purchasing process by offering direct links to buy products from a selection of retailers. MIRA BEAUTY™ is revolutionizing the beauty industry by providing an inclusive, user-friendly, and efficient platform for beauty product shopping.
Litterati is an environment cleaning application that allows users to eradicate litter. With its innovative features such as automatic geo-tagging and tag recommendations, Litterati makes it easy for schools, organizations, governments, and people to work together towards making their streets, neighborhoods, school grounds, or cities litter-free. The application makes it easy for users to click pictures of litter and share them on the app, which helps in raising awareness about the issue of littering. By using Litterati, users can actively participate in keeping their surroundings clean and healthy for everyone.
StoryFit is an artificial intelligence technology company that provides predictive audience insights for the entertainment industry. Its proprietary AI technology engine delivers actionable data analytics simulating how audiences will respond to content. The company utilizes artificial intelligence to provide content suggestions for book, movie, and television production industries by measuring key features and comparing them to other existing books or scripts to generate actionable insights. The insights generated by StoryFit's platform help clients make decisions from development to marketing and merchandising.
VisuWall is an operator of an AI-enabled platform that captures data through advertising and displays in storefront windows. The company utilizes vacant storefront windows and turns them into smart billboards with computer vision and mobile proximity technologies. This allows advertisers to connect directly with consumers and capture analytics on traffic and engagement. Through its innovative platform, VisuWall creates a valuable opportunity for businesses to reach new clients while gathering insight into their target audience.
Block Tackle is a brand of natural and chemical-free sunscreen products and beauty products in the United States. The company is committed to providing consumers with high-quality oxybenzone-free cosmetics and beauty products that are safe for the environment and gentle on the skin. Block Tackle offers a range of products that are designed to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and other environmental pollutants, while also providing nourishment and hydration to the skin. The company's products are made using only natural and organic ingredients, and are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. With a focus on sustainability and responsible production practices, Block Tackle is a brand that is committed to providing consumers with products that are good for them and good for the planet.
Eden Health is a company that has developed a primary care and insurance navigation platform for employees. The platform is designed to help employees navigate the complicated healthcare landscape of insurance, primary care, and mental healthcare. With Eden Health's platform, clients can make smart, informed, and cost-conscious decisions about their healthcare, leading to better health and well-being.
BetaBlocks is an innovative technology company that has developed an asset tokenization platform leveraging blockchain technologies. With its platform, BetaBlocks aims to help businesses create access to new cryptographic market opportunities. The platform offers businesses the ability to customize, build, deploy and manage blockchain networks with ease. By providing these services, BetaBlocks is empowering businesses to take advantage of the opportunities presented by blockchain technologies, ultimately helping them to increase their competitiveness and profitability.
SMINQ India Solutions is a technology company that has developed an application platform designed to provide real-time queue information services. The platform allows users to track, pre-select, and receive updates on queue information at doctor's clinics, which allows them to avoid long queues and book appointments remotely. The platform aims to make life easier for people by saving them precious time and reducing their waiting times at clinics. SMINQ's application platform is a revolutionary solution for the healthcare industry, which has the potential to change the way people book appointments and receive healthcare services.
Lukka is a company that has developed a financial, audit, and compliance platform which transforms decentralized and distributed data into operational and audit-ready financial information. The platform enables funds, market makers, and exchanges to automate office processes while improving operational, financial analysis, and control. The company's platform is designed to solve complex data challenges and to make auditing and compliance easier and more efficient.
Respondly is a company that specializes in the development of a customer relationship management tool. The tool is specifically designed to help organizations manage their conversations with customers and consumers on Twitter. With Respondly, companies can quickly respond to inquiries, resolve complaints, and engage in meaningful conversations with their audience. The platform helps businesses to build better relationships with customers by providing a streamlined and efficient way to manage social media interactions. Overall, Respondly aims to help businesses leverage the power of Twitter to better connect with their customers and provide top-notch customer service.
Pocket FM is a social audio platform that offers a diverse range of audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content to users. The platform connects creators with their fans across local Indian languages, offering both popular and niche content choices. The company's open platform enables users to access a variety of content, including finance, self-help, news stories, and radio shows, among others. In summary, Pocket FM is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the way people consume audio content in India.
Skynet Labs is a software development company that specializes in creating efficient big data flow solutions for upstream Oil and Gas companies. The company's real-time analysis and optimization software help clients to reduce non-productive time and expedite business intelligence by standardizing drilling formulas and recording drilling data. With this software, drillers can calculate and record drilling formulas, ensuring a smooth and optimized drilling process. Clients can access the software at any time from anywhere, making Skynet Labs an ideal partner for any business looking to optimize its operations.
Agnikul is a manufacturer of mobile, orbital-class launch vehicles that provide on-demand access to space in a cost-effective manner. The company's vehicles are designed to access both low and high inclination orbits and can operate on kerosene fuel. With the ability to access numerous launch ports, Agnikul provides a flexible solution for clients seeking to enter the space industry.
ArtNight GmbH is an operator of painting workshops that provides customers with a creative and entertaining way to experience art. Their workshops offer guidance from professional artists, as well as a range of materials essential for artistry. The company aims to provide an alternative to traditional cultural experiences by creating an atmosphere of conviviality and entertainment, allowing users to produce their own unique artwork.
Verb Data is a business platform that provides software developers with the ability to create and maintain customer-facing analytics features within their applications. By solving the issues surrounding end-user dashboards and reports, the platform allows developers to concentrate on their business while offering a superior data experience for their users. Verb Data's solution streamlines the process of creating and presenting data and analytics to customers, resulting in more efficient and effective operations for businesses.
Merlin is a popular operator of entertainment centers, amusement parks, and various entertainment options that offer amusement leisure facilities. The company operates primarily in the theme park industry and has three distinct business segments. The largest segment is the Midway Attractions, which operates 100 attractions globally that are typically smaller indoor venues, including Madame Tussauds, The London Eye, and the London Dungeon. The LEGOLAND Parks segment operates several large LEGO-based theme parks around the world, while the Resort Theme Parks segment operates other large, outdoor entertainment-based attractions. Visitors can enjoy their free time by experiencing the creative rides and games of Merlin's entertainment options.
Brave is an online digital education platform that offers a wide range of learning programs for adults. The platform provides educational content for various jobs and school examinations such as police academy, fire academy, and high school. Brave offers a one-stop system for competitive learning that aids in civil servants examinations and foreign language markets.
Suma Brands is a commerce platform that focuses on growing a marketplace brand into a household name. The company offers founder-friendly deal processes and structures to buy Amazon FBA businesses and apply enterprise-level operating resources to scale the ventures into the next wave of consumer brands. They help entrepreneurs and clients achieve their goals by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. With their expertise in managing and growing businesses, Suma Brands is committed to helping its clients achieve significant growth and success.
Triplebyte is a recruitment platform that evaluates technical skills instead of credentials to find suitable job opportunities for job seekers. The platform uses a credentials-blind process that matches engineers with available programming jobs based on their skill sets and interests. The company aims to facilitate the matching of talented software engineers with job opportunities that are aligned with their interests and technical abilities.
Showingly is a home application platform that aims to enhance the home buying and selling experience by providing transparency between real estate professionals and consumers. Its platform offers a streamlined process for scheduling home showings, making the search for homes more efficient and convenient for all parties involved. Showingly's services enable consumers, agents, and brokerages to search for homes that are within their preferred price range, ultimately leading to successful transactions.
YZR is a software development company that specializes in data management. Their software is designed to make data normalization simple and easy to implement. The company offers automatic data correction, AI-powered tagging, multi-language data management, data dashboarding, and other features that help organizations normalize product information management. With YZR's software, organizations can improve their productivity, add intelligent and automatic tags, and get a better understanding of their data. The company is committed to improving data management processes for businesses across industries.
InsightRX is a cloud-based clinical decision support platform that uses quantitative pharmacology and machine learning to provide individualized treatment plans to patients. By analyzing a patient's response to treatment, medical professionals are able to improve treatment effectiveness and provide direct benefits to patients.
CoPromote is an online social platform that helps individuals expand their audiences. Its social marketing platform acts as a cross-promotion tool for users to amplify their social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. With CoPromote, users can reach new and larger audiences by strategically promoting each other's content. CoPromote is an effective tool for boosting social media profiles and creating a more widespread social media presence.
Domination Finance is a financial company that offers a non-custodial financial instrument designed for traders to speculate. The platform is built on the UMA protocol and is an ethereum dapp that enables users to long or short Bitcoin Dominance, a widely-used indicator in the cryptocurrency industry. This allows users to trade in the cryptocurrency market and potentially profit from fluctuations in Bitcoin Dominance.
Starsky Robotics is an autonomous trucking company that uses a unique combination of business models and technology to bring driverless trucks to the market. Their trucks are remote-controlled by drivers for the first and last mile, while autonomous technology drives the truck on the highway. This system enables users to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and safer transportation for their goods.
Craft Aerospace is an advanced aircraft startup that aims to revolutionize the air travel industry. The company's technology facilitates the creation of distributed aerial transportation networks that bypass the airport, enabling a significant reduction in door-to-door travel times. The company is focused on electrification and sustainability, and its innovative approach has the potential to transform the way people travel by air.
Persephone Biome is a company focused on developing microbial therapeutics for immuno-oncology applications. Using artificial intelligence and omics techniques, the company analyzes cancer patient gut microbiome and blood samples to identify microbes needed for normal immune function. With population-scale patient data analytics, the lab researchers design microbial drugs that prevent and fight cancer. The company aims to develop equitable precision medicines for cancer patients.