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Goldfinch is a company that provides a decentralized credit platform that allows for crypto loans without collateral. This allows for capital to be offered in a digital currency and expands access to capital in emerging markets. The platform enables lenders to offer a stable yield to potential borrowers, making it easier for people in these markets to access crypto lending services. Goldfinch's goal is to make lending and borrowing more accessible worldwide, especially in emerging markets where traditional financial systems may not be as established.
TrustToken is a blockchain platform that offers better liquidity and trading volume of trusted stable coins. The platform legally binds the fiduciary to follow the smart contract's instructions and enforces them using civil and criminal law. TrustToken also provides secure digital payments in real-time and guarantees ownership recognition with legal-financial institutions. Its clients can generate asset-backed tokens using the TrustToken platform.
Popshop Live is a mobile live-streaming application that offers a platform for up-and-coming brands and individuals to create and host their own pop-up channels and sell directly to a global audience. The app includes features for conversing and broadcasting with fans, managing payment and shipping details, and creating an interactive shopping experience. Popshop Live aims to empower brands and small businesses by providing a new way to reach and engage with customers.
SportsIcon is a company that offers a sports-focused non-fungible tokens (NFTs) platform. The platform is designed to enhance sports entertainment, knowledge transfer, and digital collectibles. Through the platform, fans can connect with sportspeople via NFTs and learn untold stories and insights, bringing them closer to their sporting heroes. Overall, SportsIcon's platform provides an innovative and engaging way for sports enthusiasts to deepen their connection to the world of sports.
Sporting Icons Ltd is a developer of a sports-focused non-fungible tokens (NFTs) platform that provides sports enthusiasts with access to digital collectibles, knowledge transfer, and sports entertainment. Through the company's platform, fans can connect with their sports heroes through NFTs and gain insights, knowledge, and untold stories. By utilizing digital collectibles, Sporting Icons Ltd brings fans closer to their sporting idols and enhances the overall sports entertainment experience.
Taker Protocol is a company that specializes in developing a liquidity protocol for optimizing the liquidation of NFT assets. By using a quote-by-lock-in approach to pricing, the company allows asset owners to borrow stable coins and build cross-chain bridges to connect different blockchain chains. Taker Protocol aims to enhance the efficiency of asset transfer and enrich application scenarios for its clients.
Qwikwire is an online payment platform that offers white-labeled invoicing and payment services to large enterprises in the Philippines. Their platform allows clients to manage association dues invoicing and billing with an automated dashboard that can reduce reliance on intermediaries such as agents, brokers, or other marketing channels. The company is aimed at serving customers who are out of state or temporarily working abroad, allowing them to easily monitor all their transactions in real-time.
Koppla is a software development company that has pioneered a construction management platform. Their platform streamlines construction processes for home builders and remodelers by offering project scheduling, project management, and service management in a single suite. With real-time access to construction scheduling, Koppla allows builders to monitor entire construction procedures, making it easier for individuals in the industry to complete their projects on time, on budget, and with reduced errors.
IppoPay is a payment gateway platform that provides secure banking transaction services to small businesses, SMEs, and freelancers. Its developer-friendly APIs and hassle-free integration allow businesses to manage their transactions and bank transfers, making the payment process cheaper, faster, smoother, and more convenient. IppoPay's product suite enables businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments securely.
Origin Protocol is a blockchain platform that enables the creation of decentralized marketplaces. Its platform is designed to reduce transaction fees, promote transparency in commerce, and give early community members a stake in the network. With Origin Protocol, users can conduct transactions without the need for intermediary parties, resulting in faster and more secure transactions. The company aims to empower individuals and businesses to participate in decentralized commerce without facing the costs associated with traditional marketplaces. is a company that has developed a cloud-based platform to transform local vacant capacity into e-commerce ready warehouses. Their platform enables brands to build a flexible warehousing network that integrates online sales channels in a unified interface, customizes SOPs, and forecasts the demand of products in multiple regions. This allows for faster and better deliveries while accelerating business growth.
Socedo is a B2B marketing company that offers a demand generation system for engaging with target customers. The platform utilizes social media to automatically discover leads based on their conversations and actions, allowing marketers to engage, qualify, and utilize prospect data through integrations with marketing automation and CRM systems. With a focus on empowering B2B marketers, Socedo helps companies improve their lead generation and conversion rates by providing a comprehensive approach to engaging with potential customers.
Staffjoy is a provider of a scheduling platform designed to streamline the communication process for businesses and their hourly employees. Their scheduling platform uses automatic schedule updates via text message, allowing small businesses to simplify their communication and scheduling process with staff.
Tezos is a developer of a self-amending cryptographic ledger that provides a secure and code-correct platform for assets and high-value use cases at both the protocol and application layers. Their platform focuses on formal verification, a technique that increases the security of sensitive or financially important smart contracts by mathematically proving the correctness of the code governing transactions. In this way, users have access to a decentralized governance system that provides transparency and security to the platform's users.
DefiDollar is a provider of a meta stablecoin index that aims to provide diversification and de-risking of stablecoin holdings in a seamless and easy manner. By leveraging the index, users can hedge against situations where the underlying stablecoins deviate from their peg and earn yields with low volatility. The company's mission is to create a simple, accessible and safe stablecoin index in the decentralized finance space.
AlphaFlow is a retail investment management platform that specializes in real estate debt investments. Its platform utilizes crowd financing to provide high-income streams for its users through previously inaccessible asset classes. The company's expertise in real estate debt and capital markets allows real estate investors to build and manage their investment portfolios across multiple peer-to-peer investment platforms.
Agryo is a software development company that focuses on risk intelligence technology for financial services. The company aims to provide a solution that improves scoring, monitoring, and risk management in this industry. With its platform for enterprise transactions, Agryo serves providers of credit, insurance, reinsurance, trade finance, and environmental services by automating, digitizing, and using data-driven approaches in the back office. The software is geared towards improving efficiency and reducing risk for financial service providers.
. Jianghu is a company that focuses on developing and training E-sport teams using a data-driven training system. The company helps create, manage, market, and monetize professional E-sports teams across multiple games, generating business value through sponsorship, copyright, peripheral products, and transfer fees. Led by a team of experts, Jianghu aims to foster the growth and development of E-sports as a legitimate sector in the global economy by providing players with the necessary tools and resources to succeed at the highest levels of competition. With a strong emphasis on data and analytics, Jianghu is committed to revolutionizing the way E-sports teams operate, and creating a sustainable ecosystem that benefits players, fans, and industry stakeholders alike.
Paysail is a software company that focuses on developing B2B invoicing and payment software for businesses. Their software aims to alleviate invoicing issues experienced by businesses through its various features such as in-app addition and removal of funds, digital wallet, email integration, receipt block information, and customer-specific invoice history. Paysail's software is designed to make financial processes simpler and more efficient for businesses.
Artie is a gaming software developer that specializes in creating next-gen mobile games and interactive content. Their software uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and sentiment analysis to create autonomous, intelligent avatars that become more engaging over time. The company enables creators to understand how consumers interact with each character, providing valuable insights for creating personalized content. Artie aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry by providing seamless, instant access to popular apps and interactive experiences.
Knoma is a financial marketplace that offers loans for educational courses. Their platform helps learners to reduce the barrier of payment and removes the pain point of sourcing technical courses. Learners can pursue any course they want and repay the loan within a tenure of twelve months.
NEAR Protocol is a technology company and a developer of a blockchain protocol that aims to bridge the gap between mainstream commercial applications and blockchain technology. The company's open-source platform is designed to accelerate the development of decentralized applications, allowing developers to write, test, and deploy scalable applications. The platform offers an intuitive developer experience and a strong focus on user adoption, making it easier for organizations to build high-performance blockchain infrastructure. By providing a more accessible and user-friendly platform for blockchain application development, NEAR Protocol is helping to bring blockchain technology into the mainstream.
Varo Money is a financial technology company that has developed a mobile banking platform aimed at improving the customer experience for banking services. The platform offers users a range of financial services, including real-time budgeting, financial analysis of spending, cash flow prediction, and online bill payment. Additionally, users have access to a variety of financial applications designed to help them make informed financial decisions. The company seeks to offer a more transparent and convenient banking experience to its customers, enabling them to manage their finances more effectively.
BroadSoft is a communication software and services provider that offers enterprise and consumer calling, messaging, and collaboration communication services. Its offerings include private branch exchanges, video calling, text messaging, and converged mobile and fixed-line services. The company also provides voice over internet protocol (VoIP) applications serving over 450 telecommunications service providers. BroadSoft's communication software is intended to transform their customer's work by making communication more efficient and effective.
Casa Inc is a rental liability guarantee business that provides services such as Casa Cloud - a platform that matches people who want to live with people that want to lend, Tenant Cafe - a portal site for Casa subscribers, and Oya Cafe. is a developer of a next-generation esports entertainment platform on the blockchain. The company's virtual reality video platform offers a 24/7 live streaming content from top games and allows eSports viewers to engage via interactive trivia, live polls, raffle contests, and prizes while they watch their favorite games and streamers. Designed to transform the interactive esports entertainment industry, presents a unique opportunity for gamers and eSports enthusiasts to connect and engage with each other.
Amber Group is a financial services company focused on the digital assets market. Their services include crypto financing, market making, and trading, allowing clients to buy and sell digital assets while managing risk and accessing liquidity. The company provides technology infrastructure and research capabilities to help institutional clients manage digital assets such as crypto market making, trading, earning yield, and providing liquidity. Amber Group aims to create wealth for clients of all sizes through their digital asset trading, investing, infrastructure, and financing services.
Basepaws is a DNA testing center for cats. The company has developed consumer genetics tests for cats that provide detailed information about breed and ancestry, physical traits, health, and genetic markers for potential hereditary diseases. The company's service allows pet owners to get proper genetic reports that can prolong their pet's healthy life and save them from unnecessary vet bills. In short, Basepaws is a company that provides genetic testing for cats to help pet owners take better care of their furry friends.
Viqeo is an innovative video platform that helps businesses and individuals to create, customize and upload effective and visually appealing media content for e-commerce and marketing purposes. The platform allows users to upload various types of videos and customize them according to their preferences. Viqeo specializes in creating video advertising and works to engage audiences and help clients earn revenue. The company's mission is to make media and e-commerce more effective through the use of engaging videos. Viqeo's advanced technology and personalized features make it a popular choice among businesses looking to enhance their online presence and marketing strategies through visually appealing and engaging media content.
Material Security is a technology company that specializes in developing data-driven security software. Their software uses advanced cryptographic algorithms to detect and protect against compromised or harmful messages, which ultimately helps to protect an organization's users and information. The company's software also protects users' email accounts, ensuring that their confidentiality is maintained, which is a crucial aspect of modern-day communication when collaborating with others. Overall, Material Security helps organizations protect their assets, collaborates with ease and fosters a secure environment.
Company "0x" is a developer of an open protocol that enables decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. The company's open protocol serves as an open standard, facilitating interoperability among decentralized applications that incorporate exchange functionality. This allows users to convert a variety of assets as cryptographic tokens.
Gusto is a cloud-based platform that offers payroll, benefits, and human resource management services to businesses. With features such as team management, time tracking, and insurance management, the platform allows small businesses to manage their employees' needs efficiently. The user-friendly interface of Gusto makes it easy for businesses to handle payroll processing, compliance, and record-keeping. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for companies looking to streamline their HR processes and take care of their employees' requirements effectively.
Clever is an educational technology company that has developed an online platform for digital learning. By automating tasks such as student account creation, the platform makes it easy for schools to implement and maintain a variety of learning applications. This improves efficiency for teachers and administrators, enabling them to keep student accounts up-to-date across all of their organizational programs. Clever's platform has reinvented the setup, management, and login process for digital learning, helping to make education more accessible and effective for students around the world.
Caliva is an integrated cannabis company that offers a wide range of branded cannabis products, including flower and cannabis oil, through retail stores and e-commerce websites. The company focuses on providing natural and sustainable wellness options to its customers, to help them lead healthier and happier lives. Their plant-based products are designed to deliver effective, reliable and consistent results, catering to the growing demand for quality cannabis products in the market. The Caliva team consists of experienced industry professionals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. is a developer of a decentralized finance (Defi) platform that aggregates multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX) on various blockchains. The platform offers cost-efficient and secure swap transactions across various liquidity sources on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimistic Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Gnosis. This enables users to access better rates than any individual exchange, making it a popular choice in the Defi space.
1inch is a developer of a decentralized finance (Defi) platform that aggregates multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX) on various blockchains. The platform provides cost-efficient and secure swap transactions across various liquidity sources on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimistic Ethereum, Arbitrum and Gnosis, enabling users to get better rates than any individual exchange.
Eventus Systems is a company focused on developing a global trade surveillance and market risk platform. It aims to provide safer financial services for high-value securities trading. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the platform offers actionable alerts and reduces false positives across a range of financial products, including equities, equity options, futures, foreign exchange, fixed income, and digital assets. This technology helps clients overcome regulatory challenges and make informed trading decisions.
Landed is an end-to-end recruiting platform that helps restaurants and hospitality employers find the best candidates for their hiring needs. The platform uses conversational AI technology to connect job candidates with employers based on custom criteria, and screens candidates based on data points to help employers hire better candidates faster. Landed streamlines the hiring process and offers employers a more efficient and effective way to find and hire employees.
SF17 Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that aims to develop innovative therapeutics for patients affected by inflammation- and immune system-related diseases. The company uses an advanced technology called the AI + Immunology Discovery Engine (AIDE Engine), which applies machine learning and neural networks to analyze immune tissue samples from patients. This enables the discovery of new and effective drug targets, which can help healthcare providers treat their patients and improve their quality of life.
Roam Research is a note-taking tool company that provides a platform for users to organize their thoughts without worrying about the file and folder the thoughts should be saved in. The tool functions as a document and graph database that allows users to write and organize their ideas efficiently. Roam Research aims to help enterprises organize their research for the long term and improve their thought processes to solve complex problems.
LE TOTE is an online clothing rental platform that offers customers boutique style apparel and accessories through an online portal in the United States. The company aims to make fashion accessible for all by replicating the offline behavior of swapping and sharing clothes with its fashion rental services. LE TOTE uses an analytical, data-driven, and customer-first approach to provide the next generation of retail experiences for its customers. Through its online platform, consumers can easily borrow clothing and accessories, making it a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional retail shopping.
Dune Analytics is a blockchain technology company that provides SQL software to create and share analyses of cryptocurrency data. With Dune Analytics, users can quickly create queries and analyses, visualize query results into graphs, and share them with the community. The software allows for the easy extraction and visualization of data, providing a powerful tool for individuals and organizations alike. With its sophisticated technology and user-friendly interface, Dune Analytics is poised to revolutionize the way people work with blockchain data.
Sqwiggle is an online workplace platform designed for remote teams to collaborate seamlessly. The platform provides an application that enables users to see and hear other team members in real-time, as well as share links, code, photos and videos without consuming too much bandwidth. Sqwiggle ensures that remote teams can work more closely and effectively than ever before, improving communication and productivity.
"Ando Money" is a digital banking application that aims to revolutionize the financial industry by investing money in carbon-reducing projects. The company utilizes the money deposited by their customers in their bank accounts to fund clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and other essential green initiatives. Their mission is to encourage customers to bank more thoughtfully for a better tomorrow.
OneOf is an NFT blockchain-based software company that focuses on empowering artists in the music community to sell low-cost or free NFTs. The platform is built to be environmentally, social, and governance (ESG) friendly, targeting environmentally conscious music consumers. OneOf enables music enthusiasts to use credit or debit cards in over 135 fiat currencies, as well as for cryptocurrencies and stable coins, to purchase NFTs. The company aims to revolutionize the music industry by leveraging blockchain technology to foster greater transparency and artist empowerment.
Torii is a software as a service (SaaS) management automation platform that offers solutions for monitoring, optimizing, and measuring the cost of all SaaS applications used in an organization. The company's platform automates the process of discovering and mapping out all the applications currently in use, and provides insights and analytics to optimize SaaS utilization, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Torii enables IT professionals to discover, optimize, and control their organization's SaaS usage, ultimately helping businesses to improve their bottom line.
Med247 is a healthcare application developer that offers round-the-clock care services to patients. The platform offers functionalities like making appointments, seeking online consultation, accessing medical records, lab results, and e-prescriptions. The company's aim is to help patients understand their health status and receive healthcare services in a timely and efficient manner. Med247 aims to offer accessible and convenient healthcare services to patients through their innovative platform.
Zeel is an online massage booking platform that connects individuals with professional massage therapists for in-home massages. The platform allows customers to book massages according to their time, location, and gender preference, providing a convenient and personalized massage experience. The company offers a range of massage types, including deep tissue, prenatal, sports, and couples massages, with the goal of helping customers maximize their health, reduce stress, and alleviate pain. Zeel's on-demand wellness service has made it a popular choice for those seeking a relaxing and convenient massage experience.
Ember Technologies is a company that produces temperature adjustable dishware and drinkware with a patented technology designed to transform the way people consume food and beverages. The advanced products of the company include a highly innovative temperature adjustable mug that enhances the flavor of coffee or tea by giving users the liberty to choose the temperature that suits them the most, making it an excellent option for customization. The company's innovative products grant users the ability to have total control over temperature, leading to a unique and enjoyable eating or drinking experience.
Showtime is an online platform that provides information retrieval services related to movies, tickets, reviews, show timings, and motion picture contents. The company aims to provide its users with the latest and the most comprehensive information related to the movie industry. Showtime is a one-stop solution for movie enthusiasts, offering them all the necessary information they need to make informed decisions about the movies they want to see. The platform is designed to provide an easy-to-use interface and help users effortlessly access the information they need. With Showtime, users can stay updated on the latest movies, ratings, reviews, and show timings, making it easier for them to plan their movie outings.
AGRIST is a company that specializes in designing agricultural harvest robots for farming automation. Equipped with artificial intelligence, the company's robots are capable of automatically harvesting crops and fruits, enabling farmers to increase their productivity and reduce labor costs. With a focus on promoting efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural industry, AGRIST is a leading innovator in the field of farming automation.