Venture-funded Companies - 4 Page

WisdomTree Investments Inc is an asset management company that specializes in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded products (ETPs). The company offers a range of ETP products that are designed to track or outperform the performance of various market segments including equity, fixed income, or alternative investments. WisdomTree's ETF options include funds that track its own indexes, third-party indexes, or actively managed funds. The company's products are distributed through various channels including brokerage firms, registered investment advisors, and institutional investors. Over half of the company's assets under management come from RIAs and wirehouses.
StarkWare Industries is a company focused on improving the scalability and privacy of blockchains. They have developed a cryptographic proof system that offers zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent, and post-quantum secure proofs. Through this system, clients can improve the efficiency and security of their blockchain networks.
Kaufmann Mercantile is an online shopping platform based in the United States that offers a wide range of products including groceries, home decor, garden tools, office stationery, beauty products and accessories. Their focus is on providing quality products at an affordable cost while also promoting sustainable and ethical consumerism. Their website showcases carefully curated items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Customers can trust that the products they are purchasing have been carefully sourced and vetted to ensure quality and sustainability. Overall, Kaufmann Mercantile is a great platform for consumers who value quality, affordability, and ethical consumption.
Sightfull is a technology company that has developed analytical software designed to conduct effective data analysis. The company aims to provide businesses with the tools they need to better understand their data and make informed decisions. Operating in stealth mode, not much information is currently available about Sightfull's products or services. However, it is clear that the company is focused on cutting-edge technology and innovation, and is poised to make a significant impact in the field of data analytics.
Scalefast is a digital commerce platform that offers end-to-end business operations to streamline and enhance online shopping experiences. Its innovative AI-powered technology simplifies the complexities of digital commerce and provides businesses with all the necessary infrastructure and tools to scale up rapidly and boost revenue. With an emphasis on entertainment, fashion, and consumer goods, Scalefast aims to take the hassle out of digital commerce and offers a one-stop solution for companies looking to expand their online presence.
iMocha is an online assessment platform designed to conduct pre-employment skill testing. The platform streamlines the recruitment process for companies by providing a range of pre-employment testing services to help recruit deserving candidates. iMocha helps users access tools for human capital management, which simplifies recruitment and helps companies reduce administrative hassles in the hiring process. The platform provides an intuitive interface that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations. With iMocha, companies can assess talent in a cost-effective and efficient manner, and ensure that they hire candidates who possess the required skills to excel in their roles.
Vurbl Media, Inc. is a company that has developed a free streaming audio platform designed to find and organize all types of audio content across multiple categories. Their platform allows for easy creation, uploading, and sharing of podcasts on a range of topics such as conspiracies, wellness, business, and history. Vurbl Media's platform aims to revolutionize the way people distribute and listen to audio-centric information on the web, allowing content creators to upload, earn subscribers, and monetize their work.
Appcelerator is a technology company that specializes in developing cross-platform software for cloud-connected mobile, desktop, and web applications. The company offers a mobile cloud platform that allows developers to build cross-platform mobile and HTML5 web applications using a single codebase. With its focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, Appcelerator helps businesses of all sizes to create powerful, engaging apps that can be used on a variety of devices and platforms. The company is committed to providing its customers with the tools and resources they need to develop and deploy apps quickly and efficiently, and to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced digital marketplace.
Sure is a company that offers a SaaS infrastructure and distribution platform for innovative insurance programs. Their platform and APIs enable digital transformation and embedded insurance without the need for additional IT resources, streamlining all aspects of digital insurance sales and service with features designed for each phase of the insurance lifecycle. Sure's technology helps global consumer brands and insurance companies sell and manage insurance products digitally.
MindMed is a psychedelic medicine biotech company that focuses on developing innovative treatments for addiction and mental illness. The company's drug development pipeline includes a range of psychedelic substances, such as Psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, DMT, and an Ibogaine derivative, 18-MC. The company's mission is to develop groundbreaking psychedelic-inspired medicines and therapies that can help individuals recover from mental illnesses and addiction. MindMed aims to be at the forefront of the next generation of mental health treatments combining the latest advances in psychedelic medicine with modern technology and research methodologies.
BrainHi is a cloud-based platform that leverages artificial intelligence and chatbots to help doctors and dentists manage appointments and reduce administrative pressure on their staff. The platform integrates with telephone systems and social media accounts to quickly answer patient questions and coordinate appointments. BrainHi aims to help medical offices streamline their patient management processes through intelligent automation.
TextRecruit is a company that has developed a candidate and employee engagement platform that aims to optimize the recruiting funnel by using text, chat, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Their platform allows recruiting teams to send, manage and track candidate messages at scale from a central location. The company's AI-powered technology makes it easy for businesses to attract, hire and source talent from any website using a Chrome extension. TextRecruit's focus is on improving candidate experience and helping businesses hire the best talent efficiently.
Jeeva Wireless is a technology company that specializes in developing battery-free wireless sensing technology. The company aims to revolutionize connectivity by enabling Wi-Fi connectivity with minimal power consumption through its Passive Wi-Fi technology. This innovative technology is designed to allow users to communicate over Wi-Fi with minimal power need, making it an ideal solution for various applications in industries like healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. With its cutting-edge technology, Jeeva Wireless is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in wireless communication.
Thales is a French aerospace and defense industrial firm that offers a wide range of products and services. With EUR 18 billion in sales, Thales is one of Europe's largest defense contractors. The company operates in four segments, including defense and security, aerospace, transport, and digital identity and security. Thales provides sensors, mission systems, communications, and control systems to European and export defense customers. It sells avionics and satellites to the civil, defense, and government markets. Thales provides signaling services to rail operators and offers biometric, data, and identity security solutions through its digital identity and security division.
Optimizely is a company that creates an experimentation platform for businesses to deliver continuous experimentation and personalization across websites, mobile applications, and connected devices. Their platform offers ease of use and speed of deployment to create and run experiments that help make data-driven decisions and accelerate growth. The company focuses on creating optimized digital experiences for users, ensuring that businesses can test and learn to continually improve their digital offerings.
Vitt is a provider of a financial payment platform that offers non-dilutive venture debt funding. The company's platform helps to seamlessly integrate the billing stack, maintains subscriptions to check the potential payout in the dashboard, enabling consumers to strengthen the monthly payment without worrying about the cash flow.
Quirky is a company best known for its crowd-sourced invention platform that involves people from around the world in every step of product creation. The company works in collaboration with a global network of inventors, designers, and engineers to bring innovative consumer products to life each week. Through this platform, the company helps inventors by collaborating with them on all aspects of their product design, from the initial idea to the final product, including prototyping, engineering, and marketing. Quirky's unique approach to product development has resulted in the creation of a diverse product line that is both fun and functional.
TeamClass is a company that specializes in providing gifts and virtual events for remote employees, in order to promote team building and increase employee morale. They offer personalized gift baskets, equipment delivery, event scheduling, and a variety of event categories to choose from, such as food, drinks, crafts, and health and wellness. TeamClass aims to help companies improve employee satisfaction and encourage team bonding, even while working remotely.
Jambo is a web3 software company that develops solutions for bridging the gap between Africa and the rest of the world. The company's software is designed to serve multiple services and takes a two-sided approach of helping users to participate in web2 and web3 activities, earning benefits such as games, cryptocurrency trading, and decentralized finance. Its software acts as a gateway between African markets and global applications seeking to tap into the African market, thus facilitating faster and more efficient transactions. Jambo aims to revolutionize the African market by leveraging blockchain technology and delivering solutions tailored to the local market's cultural and economic needs.
CRED is a credit card payment application that helps users to pay their credit card bills and rewards them for timely payments with offers and discounts on shopping, health services, and other sites. The app is designed to help customers maintain their creditworthiness by making payments on time and benefit from it by getting rewards. The company aims to promote financial responsibility and provide a seamless payment experience to its users.
Plentina is a fintech company that operates an alternative credit score and microloan platform. The company uses machine learning algorithms to create an alternative credit score and offer store credit financing to buy essential goods like food and medicine. The goal of the company is to provide easier access to essential goods and financial services for people in emerging markets.
Carta is a part of Kin and Carta PLC, that offers digital transformation services to businesses globally. By using data and technology, the company helps its clients to create, market, and operate profitable new products and services. It operates through three brands of Kin + Carta Advise, Kin + Carta Create, and Kin + Carta Connect in its main operating regions of Americas and Europe. The company's Ventures business, together with the three DX brands, forms the integrated consultancy called The Connective. With operations across the UK, the USA, and other parts of the world, Carta provides end-to-end digital transformation solutions to businesses.
OSlash is an enterprise URL management platform that simplifies the process of transforming long URLs into easy-to-remember and shareable shortcuts. The platform enables businesses to manage their employees' access to devices, networks, and applications using a single interface, streamlining their operations and improving their overall efficiency. Shortcuts can be shared instantly through a range of communication channels, including messages, phone calls, and conversations, making it easier for teams to collaborate and coordinate their efforts. Overall, OSlash's platform provides a simple and effective solution for managing URLs and improving productivity within the workplace.
Stream Club is a company that has developed a virtual class platform to support individuals, particularly experts and solopreneurs, who wish to share their talents. The platform provides customizable live streaming options with an API and SDK for developers, as well as a drag-and-drop studio interface for designing, customizing, and broadcasting live streams in a matter of minutes. With this platform, users can efficiently build their brand, manage their business, and create a live stream with a single tool.
Affinity China is a company that operates a network providing lifestyle and travel opportunities to its members. It aims to connect international brands with Chinese consumers and investors.
Soapbox, Inc. is a personal care product developer that aims to improve the health and hygiene levels of consumers. They specialize in creating vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free soaps in both bar and liquid forms. Their products do not contain petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS, or palm oil, making them eco-friendly and safe for daily use. Customers can choose from a wide range of personal hygiene products for a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.
Aperture is a technology company that has developed a camera sensor technology which can be integrated into various automotive, industrial, and consumer products. The technology uses RGB-IR sensor technology, algorithms, and image enhancement to offer 3D image capturing and other imaging enhancements. This technology allows mobile manufacturers and camera-based applications to create an entirely new dimension of user experience, making Aperture's product incredibly versatile.
Eloelo is a social gaming application that offers users an interactive and engaging way to review health and lifestyle. Through short videos and images, the app encourages healthy habits and provides a fun way to interact with influencers. The platform allows users to watch and play games with their favorite content creators, fostering a sense of community and encouraging fun challenges to promote better health. Overall, Eloelo provides an innovative and entertaining way to promote healthy routines and inspire positive lifestyle changes.
Hellosaurus is an interactive learning platform that offers video classes for children. It provides creative and educational content for kids, featuring materials from different creators. Hellosaurus aims to enhance children's learning experiences through interactive and fun activities. Additionally, the platform offers tools for creators to improve their content production.
SIREN is a company that has developed a unique and innovative smart sock designed to measure foot temperature continuously. The device helps to identify the early signs of inflammation in patients who are at risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers. By tracking foot temperature, the smart sock provides valuable data that can be used by healthcare professionals to help prevent ulcers and other related issues. The device sends the collected data to the physician's office to aid in monitoring the patient's condition. This technology has the potential to change the way that patients at risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers are monitored, leading to earlier detection and more effective interventions. SIREN is paving the way in developing cutting-edge smart wearable devices that can help improve overall health outcomes.
Yassir is a company that has developed a cutting-edge ride-hailing and food delivery application in Algeria. The company's aim is to enhance the lifestyle of Algerian consumers by integrating technology with their daily activities. With Yassir's application, users can easily find nearby drivers for on-demand transportation and have food delivered straight to their doorstep. Yassir is revolutionizing the way Algerians travel and enjoy their favorite meals by providing a seamless, convenient, and hassle-free experience. Overall, Yassir is making it easier for Algerians to go anywhere and get anything they need through their innovative ride-hailing and food delivery platform.
Lootex is a company that has developed a cross-chain trading platform to connect blockchain games with traditional players. Its focus is on providing a game-oriented NFT marketplace that enables users to trade and discover assets within the metaverse. The company also aims to provide a fraud-free ecosystem for digital creators to protect their works and assist in making virtual assets real. Overall, Lootex's platform intends to make game asset ownership more accessible and liberating.
Kobalt is an independent music services company that provides an alternative to the traditional music business model. It offers music publishing, label services, neighboring rights divisions, and innovative technology solutions to ensure accuracy and efficiency across the billions of micro-payments collected in today's digital world. The company focuses on empowering artists, songwriters, publishers, and labels with advanced technology, transparency, flexibility, ownership, and control.
Miro is a visual collaboration platform that provides cross-functional teams with tools to collaborate effectively. The platform allows professionals to collaborate on a single digital whiteboard simultaneously and securely, allowing them to attach files or objects such as PDF's, videos, and shared documents to the boards. This enables teams to easily create and develop products, services, and processes virtually, regardless of team member location.
Zbiotics is a company that specializes in genetically engineered probiotics. Its main product is a probiotic drink that breaks down acetaldehyde, a byproduct of alcohol that causes the unpleasant effects of a hangover. The company aims to help people prevent the worst next-day effects of drinking by using probiotics to break down harmful substances in the body. Zbiotics is committed to developing innovative solutions to everyday health problems, providing consumers with safe and effective options to maintain their health and well-being.
Compt is a software company that specializes in employee perk management. Their platform offers flexible and customizable tax-compliant perks to employees, without increasing the budget. Compt's employee perk management software is designed to help companies create, manage and scale perk stipends, making it easy for employers to provide their employees with exactly what they need. The software is also cost-effective and easy to manage, providing a hassle-free benefit management solution for businesses of all sizes.
Second Nature is a subscription-based service that specializes in HVAC air filter fulfillment. The company offers a convenient way for residents and businesses to receive regular shipments of air filters for their heating and air conditioning systems. Through an online sign-up process, customers can receive automatic and regular deliveries of the correct size air filters to their doorstep. The company aims to make the replacement of air filters easy and hassle-free, ultimately improving indoor air quality and HVAC system performance.
Alto IRA is an investment platform that offers an alternative way for everyday investors to access their retirement savings and invest in alternative assets. The company provides a user-friendly interface that helps investors easily establish a self-directed IRA, giving them the flexibility to invest their savings in real-world assets. Alto IRA also offers investment opportunities to companies, helping them to receive investment from retirement accounts. The platform fosters a simplified and affordable investment process, connecting investors with alternative asset investment opportunities that were once difficult to access.
"Alto Solutions" is a fintech company that offers an alternative asset investment platform to connect everyday investors with investment opportunities. The platform is designed to provide a simple interface that can be used to access retirement savings and invest them in alternative assets. The company's services also allow enterprises and individuals to establish self-directed IRAs and invest their savings in real-world assets, making it easier and more affordable for investors to access a wide range of investment opportunities.
Animoca Brands is a company that specializes in developing and publishing mobile games and applications. The company is committed to delivering digital property rights to gamers and internet users through play-to-earn economies and a more equitable digital framework. Animoca Brands leverages gamification and blockchain technology to develop and market a portfolio of mobile applications and games, as well as additional educational products. The focus on transparency, security, and new business models make this company a leading player in the mobile gaming and application market.
Ethereum Push Notification Service is a developer of an open communication protocol for the Web3 ecosystem. Its decentralized notification services enable any smart contract, dApps, or backend to send notifications tied to the wallet addresses of users, which can be picked up by any crypto wallets or frontend and displayed. The company's innovation allows users to earn cryptocurrency through the notifications they receive.
EPNS is a company that has created an open communication protocol for the Web3 ecosystem. Their protocol allows for the decentralized provision of notification services, connecting various smart contracts and backend systems with user wallet addresses. The notifications can be picked up by any crypto wallet, and allows users to earn cryptocurrency through the system.
Jthereum is a development company that has created an integrated development tool for blockchain developers. The company's software allows developers to write smart contracts and can automatically translate code development into solidity, while supporting contract execution and deployment on the network of their choice. The tool aims to preserve existing development and security protocols, while automating tasks and helping developers transition into blockchain development.
TripleLift is a programmatic native advertising platform that aims to make advertising more effective and engaging for content owners, advertisers, and consumers. Through the platform, brands can create in-feed native ads that align with the unique style and branding of thousands of publishers, allowing them to optimize the delivery and impact of their campaigns. On the other hand, publishers can automate the rendering and delivery of in-feed native ads and use their in-feed inventory to generate additional revenue streams. The company's mission is to create a better, more efficient advertising ecosystem that offers meaningful value to all parties involved.
Ramani is a company that specializes in the development of an application platform designed for salespeople. The platform allows them to easily track inventory, register customers, and record sales transactions. Ramani's platform operates with distributors, which enables customers to gain operational visibility, structure, and market insights. With Ramani's platform, salespeople can increase their revenue and market share, ultimately helping them to become more successful in their roles.
7 Cups is an online health and well-being platform that provides emotional support services to individuals in need. The platform allows users to connect anonymously and securely with trained active listeners who are available to provide one-on-one chat support. With a focus on empathy and non-judgment, 7 Cups provides a safe and supportive space where individuals can receive emotional support without any commitment or time limits.
Cauldron is a technology-led entertainment studio that delivers immersive experiences and products through hospitality. The studio creates a community of people who believe in making magic possible through science, technology, and design. The company combines food, drink, and retail products with science and technology to create a unique and inclusive entertainment experience. Cauldron's main goal is to bring fantasy to life, and it achieves this by providing immersive and interactive experiences that engage all the senses. The technology-led entertainment studio caters to individuals who are looking for more than just a typical night out and who are seeking an unforgettable, magical experience.
AllStacks is a SaaS-based analytics platform that simplifies access and identity management processes. The platform offers automatic data import, detailed analytics, and weekly report bench-marking tool to spot and correct inefficiencies. Companies can manage all of their productivity applications and onboard/off-board their employees in just a couple of clicks. Overall, AllStacks serves as a productivity management solution for businesses, helping to identify roadblocks and enhance overall efficiency.
GameSalad is a game development platform that offers a unique visual programming system to enable users to build games easily. The company provides a range of tools that make it easy to scratch a creative itch and bootstrap a way to entrepreneurial independence. GameSalad also offers a standards-aligned curriculum that can be used to teach thousands of students programming and computational thinking in schools and educational programs. The company's focus on building confidence and mastery in programming and game creation has established it as a leader in the industry.
Planetary Resources is a company that offers asteroid mining services for commercial deep space exploration programs. Their focus is on exploring asteroids for raw materials, including water and precious metals. The company aims to identify and unlock critical water resources necessary for human expansion in space. Through their services, they are able to provide the aerospace sector with crucial resources needed for space exploration and beyond.
Fanhouse is a social platform that enables content creators to connect with their top fans. The company's platform provides a personalized experience for the content creators where they can create an alternate account to post original and unfiltered content, and build their personal brand. Fanhouse helps the creators to easily monetize their content on their own terms. Overall, the platform allows creators to engage with their fans in a meaningful way, leading to stronger relationships and loyalty.