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Pluto Markets is a technology company that has created an investment software designed to make investing a social experience. The company's platform allows friends to form investment groups, collaborate on investments, compete against one another, and co-invest in stocks using fractional shares and zero-commission trading. Pluto Markets' goal is to revolutionize the way people invest by making it a communal experience, rather than an individual one. With its innovative platform, Pluto Markets has become the leading investing application for friend groups.
Outdoor Voices is a fitness apparel brand that offers high-quality activewear and sportswear for men and women. The company focuses on designing sweat-free apparel that is ideal for outdoor activities and exercise. The brand's product line includes sweatshirts, jackets, leggings, shoes, and accessories, all designed to help customers experience maximum comfort and freedom of movement during their physical activities. With its commitment to high-quality design and functional outdoor gear, Outdoor Voices has become a popular choice for active individuals and sports enthusiasts around the world.
Rocket Skills is an educational technology platform that focuses on upskilling individuals and inspiring them to start their own businesses with a small investment. The platform offers custom-designed courses curated by industry experts, featuring recorded lectures and live question-answer sessions. Through the offering of new skills and knowledge, Rocket Skills aims to help potential entrepreneurs establish their own ventures.
Measurabl is a data management platform that offers informed analysis on sustainability performance. It provides a cloud-based platform that collects sustainability data, creates investment-grade sustainability reports, and offers alerts regarding improvement opportunities about environmental, social, governance programs. The company's solutions enable clients to accurately report on performance, identify efficiency opportunities, and analyze sustainability data.
Superside is a design services provider that connects clients with quality creative talent from around the world. Their platform offers a variety of design services such as web, mobile, brand identity, illustration, and infographic design. With a focus on creating economic opportunities globally, their goal is to provide fast, reliable, price-predictable, and fully managed design services that are easily accessible to clients. By helping businesses and organizations find and grow talented creatives, Superside is helping to level the playing field in the global economy.
Unocoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform that operates in India. It provides a trusted and secure platform for its users to trade in cryptocurrency. The company's platform provides real-time market data and trading APIs, allowing users to gain access to dynamic fees for high volume trading on assets. Additionally, the platform allows users to develop a secure programmatic trading bot, ensuring a seamless trading experience. With its user-friendly interface and data analytics tools, Unocoin has become a trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading in India.
Xemelgo is a company that focuses on developing IoT-powered smart manufacturing technologies to provide real-time data-driven decision-making for factories. They use sensor-fusion technology to offer real-time visibility into inventory, assets, work-in-progress, and inter-facility shipments. Xemelgo's intelligent assistants notify clients of quality issues, compliance violations, inventory shortages, production bottlenecks, lost assets, and incomplete orders promptly, saving their clients millions of dollars in real-time alerts of production issues.
Caribou Biosciences Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing next-generation, genome-edited cell therapies using its innovative CRISPR platform, CRISPR hybrid RNA-DNA (chRDNA). The company is committed to transforming the lives of patients with devastating diseases by leveraging its expertise in the development of patented CRISPR technology. Caribou Biosciences is dedicated to advancing precision medicine by creating safe and effective cell therapies that can treat a range of diseases such as cancer, genetic disorders, and infectious diseases. With a strong focus on research and development, Caribou Biosciences is poised to revolutionize the field of gene editing and improve patient outcomes.
Blockchain is a digital assets platform that aims to transform the financial services industry. The company's platform provides a secure and efficient way to conduct transactions without using costly intermediaries. It offers real-time transaction data, crypto information, and analysis, connecting individuals to large institutions. The platform provides investors and developers with a safe way to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency. With its innovative technology, Blockchain aims to revolutionize the financial industry and bring about greater financial inclusion.
Opendoor is a digital platform for residential real estate that simplifies the home buying and selling process. The company enables customers to buy and sell houses online, generating revenue through home sales and other real estate services. Opendoor's technology provides customers with an efficient and seamless experience, eliminating the need for traditional real estate agents, showings and open houses. The platform uses data and analytics to determine the value of homes and offer competitive, all-cash offers to homeowners. Opendoor is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its innovative approach to buying and selling homes online. is a business development platform that helps startups to launch internationally. Their platform offers an online module for business owners to quickly and easily establish a new company in the USA while breaking international barriers and driving opportunities. offers services that are focused on helping entrepreneurs to get working more efficiently by providing a single platform to manage their business across multiple states and countries.
Catch is a provider of fishing supplies that offers a range of products, content, and shopping experiences. The company sells fishing tackle, bait, rods and reels, and other related products through a subscription-based service known as the "Mystery Tackle Box." Customers receive a new mystery box every month, which contains an assortment of fishing gear and kits. With this service, customers can explore new products and try them out, while also receiving helpful tips and advice from the company's team of anglers. Overall, Catch seeks to provide a convenient and affordable way for anglers to discover and purchase the latest and greatest in fishing gear.
Gradient AI is a predictive analytics platform that aims to help businesses make better-informed decisions through its fully automated integration into customers' own claims and underwriting platforms via API. Their platform enables clients to minimize claims and improve the profitability of their business by streamlining the claims workflows and straight-through processing of policy applications.
Robigo is a manufacturer of biopesticides aimed at developing a more sustainable food system. The company creates microbes that are better and more environmentally-friendly than traditional pesticides. These microbes are used to create environmentally-friendly pesticides that target pathogenic bacteria without harming crops or workers with toxins. Robigo's pesticides are adaptable to emerging diseases, which allows farmers to protect their crops and promote healthier soils and more productive crops.
Noom is a mobile health coaching software company that provides intelligent nutrition and exercise coaching to prevent and manage chronic health conditions like obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and hypertension. Their mobile application combines exercise coaching and artificial intelligence to deliver behavioral change programs. With Noom, users can achieve long-term health goals through personalized coaching, interactive content, and community support.
Uptime App is a learning application that offers a platform for users to access a curated selection of dedicated content from trusted sources. It features a variety of media forms such as books, courses, and documentaries in text, audio, and visual story format, making knowledge accessible for everyone. The company's mission is to feed minds with selected videos from experts and provide fresh perspectives in various fields.
Graze is an online food platform that offers a range of healthy and nutritionally balanced food products. It specializes in natural food, fruits and vegetables, herbs, and snacks made from natural ingredients, and offers a range of options for individuals who want to maintain a balanced healthy diet that is free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. With a focus on delivering high-quality, delicious snacks and meals, Graze has become a leading provider of healthy food products that are convenient and easy to access online.
Engage VR is a software development company that specializes in creating location-based virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for businesses and entertainment. The company's platform offers tools to complete various business tasks for industry, healthcare, education, and culture sectors. Engage VR's solutions help clients implement successful advertisement, PR, and marketing projects that lead to customer brand awareness and increase brand loyalty.
Minterest is a digital investment platform that aims to democratize access to alternative investments and provide diversified investment opportunities across various asset classes. The company offers corporate and personal loans at customized interest rates, assisting clients in meeting their financial requirements. Their goal is to provide digital financial solutions that are accessible, transparent, and reliable. Minterest operates as a marketplace lending platform, connecting borrowers with lenders and providing a seamless borrowing experience.
Podcorn is a podcast influencer marketplace that connects new voices to brands for native advertising. The company's platform helps brands find and collaborate with the right podcasters to create advertisements through native branded content, allowing brands to easily engage listeners across audio platforms.
Zymergen Inc is a biofacturing company that partners with nature to develop and manufacture bio-based products. The company utilizes a unique blend of biology, chemistry, software, and automation to design and create new materials that offer value to customers across various industries. With its innovative approach, Zymergen aims to revolutionize the way products are created and help reduce environmental impact at the same time.
Lyra Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) company that has developed an options trading protocol for Ethereum. The company merges traditional market-making with the benefits of scalability and composability found in crypto to deliver a comprehensive financial product to users. Using Lyra Finance, traders can take advantage of tried and tested pricing and risk management strategies in a decentralized manner. Overall, Lyra Finance allows traders to participate in a more efficient and secure options trading environment.
Petal is a credit card company that strives to make safe and affordable credit accessible for everyone. With their cutting-edge technology, they analyze an individual's digital financial record and measure objective components of each individual's creditworthiness in real-time. This innovative approach allows consumers to build credit, track spending, and manage money better, all without requiring a credit score. Petal is changing the game in the credit industry and is committed to providing consumers with fair and transparent credit options.
Agoric is a company that provides a framework for programming smart contracts, with the aim to assist the entire blockchain ecosystem. The company's framework is designed to build and deploy smart contracts in javascript, with the advantage of composability, rapid development, and flexibility, as well as a blockchain-agnostic programming language. This approach enables individuals to securely execute transactions and establish new markets, without the need for centralized control. The company's platform provides a novel way of exchanging assets, making it well-suited for use in blockchain-based applications.
IDbyDNA is a precision medicine technology company that offers a software platform and reagent product to facilitate microorganism detection through nucleic acid-based testing. The company's offerings can be used in conjunction with various sequencing instruments, allowing laboratories and healthcare providers to offer a comprehensive infectious disease profile in a single workflow.
Masterbranch is an online professional networking platform that focuses on helping developers to grow their skills and network with peers. The platform allows developers to create a coding profile that is automatically updated through their open-source activity, which enables employers to find candidates for open positions based on their unique skill sets. With Masterbranch, developers can showcase their work, connect with other developers, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. This provides a robust ecosystem for developers to learn, grow, and advance their careers.
Wyre is a company that has developed a blockchain-based payment tool with a focus on changing the future of international payment operations. The tool allows users to create compliant accounts that conduct KYC checks on customers and provides real-time payouts, same-day transfers, and direct-to-bank transfers, all at competitive foreign exchange rates. Wyre's innovative solution enables businesses to move money across borders from country to country with ease.
Securitize is a digital securities issuance and compliance platform that offers an end-to-end solution for creating compliant digital securities through its Digital Security Offering (DSO) stack. It provides users with increased trading, transparency, and liquidity. Essentially, the platform allows the tokenization of shares in a more efficient and streamlined manner.
Wevorce is a company that provides divorce handling services to couples and families. It assists in divorce planning, co-parent planning, financial agreements, and divorce settlement. Wevorce helps clients by providing access to lawyers, counselors, and financial professionals when needed throughout the divorce process. Its main goal is to help clients navigate the challenges of divorce and achieve a healthy separation.
Kindred Group PLC is an online gambling and gaming company that operates several online brands including Unibet,, Maria Casino, and iGame. The company offers online casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting services in various regions including the Nordics, Western Europe, Central, Eastern & Southern Europe, and Other. Kindred Group derives most of its revenue from Western Europe through gross winnings, betting duties, marketing revenue share, and other cost of sales. The Casino & Games products generate the highest revenue, followed by Sports Betting, Poker, and Others.
Welcome Tech is a mobile and digital technology platform that provides data-driven services for immigrant communities. The company leverages proprietary data and information engine with recommendation algorithms to offer customized services across different sectors such as education, healthcare, finance, jobs, telecommunication, government, and legal solutions. Welcome Tech's platform empowers immigrant families with relevant and useful information, enabling them to become active and confident participants in American society.
MasterClass operates an online education platform that offers vocational courses taught by celebrities, athletes, and business executives. The platform provides video lessons, interactive exercises, course materials, and peer interaction to help learners improve their academic and professional trajectories. It aims to provide a unique learning experience by bringing in renowned experts to teach their craft, thereby offering practical insights that are not easily found elsewhere. With a focus on quality and convenience, MasterClass has quickly become a popular resource for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and skills beyond traditional educational institutions.
Kuba Audio is a manufacturer of high-quality sound equipment that is designed to provide users with an unparalleled listening experience. The company's products, which include headphones such as the DISCO, DISC 2 CLASSIC, DISC 2 GAMER, and DISC 2 PRO, are all highly customizable and upgradeable, allowing users to fine-tune their listening experience to their exact preferences. Each product is designed with both style and comfort in mind, ensuring that users can enjoy their music in both comfort and in style. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Kuba Audio is a leading provider of audio equipment that is intended to be used as it should be used - to listen to music in the best possible sound quality.
RedFOX Labs is a technology company that has developed a virtual world platform which provides White-label services in a single, central hub. The platform offers a range of tools related to finance, gaming, virtual reality, NFTs, e-commerce and retail. This enables businesses and creators to build their projects and bring advanced technology to the market. RedFOX Labs is focused on empowering everyone to play, create and earn in the metaverse, by developing innovative solutions that bring them to life.
Chainalysis is a leading provider of cryptocurrency investigation and compliance software that offers tools and solutions for financial institutions to protect transactions and meet compliance requirements. The company provides data analysis, visualization, and actionable intelligence to safeguard the integrity of cryptocurrency transfers over the internet. Its software allows businesses to interact with blockchain transactions, detect fraud, and prevent money laundering. The company's solutions have been deployed by governments and leading financial institutions around the world.
Exec is a company that provides executive house-cleaning services in several U.S. metropolitan areas, including New York Cities, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Palo Alto and San Jose. The company offers teams of vetted cleaning assistants who use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to provide basic home-cleaning services.
CrossMint is a technology company developing a software widget tool that allows NFT creators and marketplaces to accept credit card payments. The tool eliminates the bottleneck of exchanges by enabling users to mint NFTs using their email and credit card without the need for a wallet or crypto. CrossMint's primary goal is to make NFTs more accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise or familiarity with cryptocurrencies. With its innovative technology, the company is empowering creators and allowing them to monetize their digital assets with ease.
Upway is an online automotive platform that specializes in providing affordable electric mobility options to customers. The company operates a marketplace for reconditioned e-bikes, making it easier for customers to buy and sell their electric bikes. Upway's platform is designed to offer a seamless and secure experience for customers, enabling them to find the best deals on e-bikes and reduce their carbon footprint. The company's mission is to make electric mobility accessible to all and create a more sustainable future. is an innovative technology company that develops an advanced data analysis platform based on artificial intelligence. Its platform simplifies access to enterprise information, insights, and workflows. Features of their platform include AI-driven visualization, alerts, and contextual analytics-based reports. With its pre-trained conversational artificial intelligence engine, allows companies to track their business trends and stay up-to-date with daily workflows. Companies can benefit from its data integration and simplify their data management.
User Interviews is a mobile application developer that provides a platform for individuals to share their opinions on innovative products. The company's automated platform enables users to connect with companies conducting market research studies and product tests. User Interviews offers recruiting and scheduling services for participants in these studies, making it easier for researchers to interface with their target audience. The application allows users to provide feedback on their experiences with products, thus providing valuable insights to companies seeking to improve their offerings.
CarePredict is a company that specializes in developing wearable devices and an AI-powered platform designed for elder and senior care. The company's technology tracks activity and behaviors to detect declining health without any self-reporting by the senior or need for any other human observer. It then triggers social and clinical interventions, allowing healthcare professionals to continuously observe, learn, and offer just-in-time care for seniors.
Popular Pays is a software company that specializes in developing collaboration software for brands and content creators. Their software is designed to facilitate collaboration and communication between these groups to create custom content. Popular Pays features a brief builder guide, creator profiles, in-app messaging, and API integrations, all aimed at making it easy for brands to select their desired team of creators and launch a campaign. The company's software provides a platform for brands and creators to share ideas, create content, and streamline their workflows, all in one place.
Hosman is an operator of an online real estate agency that offers a platform for conducting property deals. The company uses data analysis to make valuation estimates and provides a database of active buyers who can access 3D virtual tours on the platform. Hosman also offers local expertise to facilitate speedy deal closures with the help of relevant estate information. Their aim is to make the process of buying and selling property more efficient and effective for all parties involved.
Luna Labs is a creative platform that helps gaming studios optimize their game development process. By providing a platform that can transform games into playable ads, google play instant applications and HTML5 games, studios can create playable content directly from the game, giving users an idea of what the game is like before they try it. The platform is designed to simplify the creative gaming development process and help studios showcase their games in a way that is more engaging and interactive.
Kyndi is an artificial intelligence-business enterprise platform that helps to increase the productivity of knowledge workers. It solves the problem of gathering and absorbing information and assists analysts in effectively reading and absorbing documents overnight. Its platform enables clients to gain dramatic insights into their target, allowing them to capitalize on untapped opportunities and mitigate threats.
Vauban is a company that develops a wealth container platform for small fund managers. The platform is designed to make alternative investing easy and accessible by removing the costs and complexities involved in creating and maintaining wealth containers. With the help of the Vauban platform, small fund managers can easily set up and deploy complex legal entities such as Funds and SPVs with just a few clicks. This lowers the barriers to entry for small fund managers and enables them to compete with larger players in the market. Vauban's goal is to democratize alternative investing by making it accessible to everyone.
Superhuman is an online application company that develops software intended to offer electronic mailing services. Its application offers a range of features such as undoing sent messages, getting insights from social networks, following up on reminders and sending scheduled messages. The company's focus is on providing a better email experience to its users, enabling them to work faster, better and with more confidence. Overall, Superhuman aims to deliver a more personalized and efficient emailing experience to its users.
The Ticket Fairy is an event ticketing platform that offers event management, data analytics, ticketing, and marketing services to increase attendance levels and consumer engagement. Its platform is designed to provide an enhanced experience to patrons and helps events companies and organizers to increase social media exposure.
Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in the United States founded in 2012. It aims to provide a safe and regulation-compliant entry point for retail investors and institutions into the cryptocurrency economy. It offers customers the ability to establish a direct account with the firm, and many opt for Coinbase to act as a custodian for their cryptocurrency, giving the company a wider angle beyond that of a traditional financial exchange. Coinbase's revenue is mainly generated from transaction fees charged to its retail clientele, but it is investing internally and making acquisitions to expand into adjacent businesses, such as prime brokerage, data analytics, and collateralized lending.
Lolli is a bitcoin rewards platform that offers users the ability to earn bitcoin or cash back on everyday online purchases made through networked merchants or partner stores. The platform offers a browser extension and mobile rewards wallet, making it easy for users to transact in an alternative currency for their shopping. With Lolli, users can receive rewards for the money they already spend online, allowing them to build up a stash of bitcoin over time.
Zerion is a developer of an investment and decentralized asset management platform that aims to revolutionize the financial landscape by enabling permission-less finance. The company's blockchain-based platform creates disruptive products that remove intermediaries and provide a secure space for the tracking and management of cryptocurrency funds. With Zerion's platform, investors can connect with blockchain companies to promote successful tokenization and create a more transparent and efficient investment ecosystem.